What a nice pair of crocs…said no one ever. For some reason, these hunks of proprietary resin have become popular. They are neither rubber nor plastic. Instead, they are Croslite, a patented product made exclusively for Crocs. Is that supposed to make us want them more?

People are wearing Crocs as if they have forgotten all sense of fashion. And no one is calling the fashion police on them, either. It’s not as if these are the cheapest shoes and people are being economical. Nope. Instead, people are spending about $50 on them. And let’s not forget about those silly little jibblitz that can be used to customize your Crocs. Those are $5 a piece. That means that if you want to fully conform to this trend and personalize your Crocs with jibblitz of your favorite sports team, superhero, or food, you could be looking at $75 or more.

Why are people doing this to themselves all throughout Sherman Country? Clearly, this will not result in quality erections. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Right now, let’s talk about some of the ridiculous trends that surround the Crocs.

You Croc My World

Crocs have become a way of life. They have become an integral part of society, unfortunately.

Want to show that you have a BFF? Now, you can swap with your best friend. You take your right Croc and swap it with their right Croc (or the left one, should you choose). This allows you to show that you have a BFF because you have mismatched shoes. Forget about the fact that you look as though you got dressed in the dark. It doesn’t matter. You have a friend with equally poor fashion choices, and that’s what really matters.

It doesn’t stop with friendship, either.

My doctor said I have serious healthy shoes.

Are you looking to be sporty? There’s a sport-mode for Croc. Honestly, we wish we were kidding. All you have to do is flip the heel strap behind your heel. That will allow you to run while wearing Crocs. It’s unlikely that you’ll win any marathons that way, but it’s still the “sporty” way to go. Otherwise, if the strap is forward, it’s considered casual mode.

Crocs are trying to become more “fashionable” with their various options. It’s as if they are on a mission to be the only type of footwear available in today’s society.

Clogs, boots, platformed Crocs, and even fuzzy-lined options are out there. And instead of pointing and laughing like we should, people are finding this to be encouraging. More and more money is being spent on these ridiculous shoes.

Crocs Man

Crocs: The Symbol of a Man Who Has Completely Given Up Hope

We’re about to drop a truth bomb here, so go ahead and put your Crocs in sport mode so they don’t fall off in complete shock.

Crocs are an example of those who have given up all hope. In fashion and in life.

You can see examples all throughout Sherman Country. Women are wearing Crocs with dresses as they walk through the farmer’s market. Men are daring to wear Crocs with dress jeans for first dates. And kids are learning to walk for the first time wearing glittery models. No child should be forced to wear these monstrosities. It can’t possibly be good for their growth, can it?

Stop it. Stop the madness.

We want more for society. We want everyone to have hope. Dream the dreams you used to have before these weird little clogs came onto the scene. Remember the days when you would go shoe shopping and have countless options in front of you? Sandals, loafers, boots, heels, sneakers…oh, the possibilities.

One of these new shoes isn’t right.

We want to make sure everyone has hope.

Fall in love by making sure that you are dressed to the nines on your first date.

Explore the great outdoors in shoes that will actually adhere to your feet properly.

Spend time on the farm wearing boots that will protect you from anything you may step in. Keep in mind that there are all sorts of questionable items dropped on a farm. Those little holes will just cause everything to ooze onto your foot. That does not sound like the picture of hope, does it?

Monks in Crocs

If I’m Going to Be a Mess, I May As Well Be a Hot Mess

I wore crocs in public today. I guess you could say I hit croc bottom. It’s not something we’ll do again. Why? Because we are hopeful for the future.

At Sherman Pole Buildings, we hope that everyone will dream a big dream of quality erections. And to do so, it requires knowing what you want in life.

Think about it. With the right pole barn on your property, you can live the best version of your life. You can fall in love and raise a family in a steel building customized to your specifications.

You can have a pole barn that is on your farm, housing horses, cows, or even donkeys. And to be a successful farmer, we highly recommend boots instead of Crocs. Okay, in fairness, they do sell “boots,” but that doesn’t mean that they are the real deal. Again, we’ll point to those pesky holes that are in place.

Unlike Crocs, Sherman Pole Buildings will not cause you to lose your dignity. Seriously. You know those holes in the crocs are where your dignity leaks out.

We are the provider of dreams. We don’t have a sport-mode to worry about and the fashion police will never come knocking on our door.

In fact, a pole barn can be quite fashionable. It can be turned into a residential home, an ag building, a small business, or even a storage facility (but don’t even think of turning it into a storage for your Crocs). It’s fully customizable, or you can take the DIY approach. Think of it as adding your own jibblitz to the pole barn, if you will. Go ahead and call us, we’ll be sure that we get you into a fashion-forward building while still holding onto your hope and dreams.

Crocs with Jibblitz