They say that money is the root of all evil. They also say that money can’t buy happiness. All I ask is for one chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

I don’t think I’m the type to turn into an evil dictator with a few million dollars in my bank account. In fact, I’m pretty sure that a few million in my bank account will just turn me into the chilliest person ever.

I was at an ATM and this old lady asked me to help check her balance, so I pushed her.

Don’t believe me? I’ll be happy to send you my banking details. Transfer a few million my way, and we’ll see what happens.

The reality is there are some people who are so poor all they have is money. They are without morals, without compassion, and without love.



I’m Broke as a Joke

I often hit the ATM with one thought…I need a new bank account. This one has run out of money.

Seriously, how is it that I was born free and am now being taxed to death? Money just doesn’t go as far as it used to. No matter how much I save, it’s not really growing. Though, how can it? The economy seems to be a bit unbalanced these days. Interest rates on home loans are at nearly 8%, and yet the FDIC can’t even bother to give me a full 1% on my savings account interest rate.

My family always groans when we go anywhere. It’s because I’m the one that always makes that joke…

You know, the cashier asks, “How would you like to pay for this?”

My response is usually, “Not at all.”

The cashier smiles, I laugh, and my entire family hides behind me, rolling their eyes.

I’m seriously thinking about re-marrying my ex-wife, but I’m pretty sure she’ll figure out I’m just after my money.

It’s not my fault, though. If she’s going to ask, the least I can do is be honest with her. When given the choice, I’d prefer not to pay. Life has become too expensive.

Being broker than I’d like has allowed me to realize that I’m rich in other areas, though, including my dashing good looks. I’m rich in my wisdom and my wit, although my family would likely disagree with the second half of that statement.

I’m rich in love. Truly. It sounds cheesy, but I have found the love of my life. Having love is really what makes the world go round (well, that and fat bottomed girls, if you listen to Freddy Mercury). If you don’t have love, money doesn’t mean a damn thing.

I’m also rich in friendships. My friends around Sherman Country always have my back. They’d do anything for me and have the knowledge that it’s reciprocated. It also means that I’ve got people I can turn to when I’m ready to get into some trouble on the weekend. Hunting, fishing, you know, the legal kind of trouble.


Money Can’t Buy Everything…

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m helping a Nigerian Prince with a pretty serious financial matter. I can’t really talk about it.

C’mon. We’ve all seen those scams. But just once, don’t you wonder if they’re legitimate? Money can’t buy everything, but then again, neither can no money. If a Nigerian Prince wants my help with obtaining his fortune, who am I to deny him? It could be just the financial windfall I need to start living my best life.

Since I haven’t had any Nigerian Princes hitting me up on Facebook lately, I’ve figured out that I’m in charge of my financial destiny. And since the Federal Reserve doesn’t plan on bumping my savings account interest up to 400% in the near future, I’ve got to get creative.

I want to be rich enough to be referred to as eccentric instead of just nuts.

Buying a home in today’s market is terrifying. It’s why I like the idea of a barndominium. You don’t have to get the cookie-cutter homes that are in so many of the new home developments popping up around Sherman Country. Instead, you get to build a pole barn to all your specifications.

At Sherman, we are pole barn builders who know how to provide customization at affordable pricing. Steel buildings are durable and considerably more cost-friendly than some of the alternatives out there.

Once the barndominium is up, you have the control of what goes inside. You can take the DIY approach while saving money or let us help with the details of things like flooring and countertops. If you want to be a homeowner but find yourself broker than you’d like to typically admit, homeownership is still an option with a pole barn.


Top Advice from an IRS Auditor and Your Friends at Sherman

An IRS auditor once gave me advice that made it a little easier to deal with taxes. “The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money.” It made me cry, but it is probably one of the most truthful things I’ve ever heard.

Once you start realizing that any money you have isn’t really “yours,” it’s easier to spend.

What you have to think about is how you’re going to spend it.

Here are things it should NOT be spent on:

  • World domination
  • Drugs
  • Psychic hotlines
  • Pumpkin spice latte

Here are things it SHOULD be spent on:

  • Guns and hunting gear
  • ATVs and boats
  • Your friends and family
  • A Sherman pole barn

Now that you know how your money should be spent, it’s time to put it into practice. Don’t hit up the drive-through of your favorite coffee shop with Psychic Wanda on Bluetooth. Instead, call us at Sherman Pole Buildings so we can talk to you about building a barndo that will give you a cool place to live without causing you to go broke.

You might not be the richest person you know, but at least you’re happy. Think about the people with all the money in the world who can’t even crack a smile on a Friday night.

We can’t promise you that you’ll be rich in money, but with our help, you can at least be rich in the things that matter.