Creating a home is more than just buying a house. It’s about creating an entire life. You should spend time deciding where you want to live in Sherman Country as well as who and what will make you happy.

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to names. This includes not only your kids but also your pets.

Philip Zimbardo said, “Sticks and stones can break your bones, but names CAN kill you.”

All it takes is one wrongly named pet, and it can lead to total chaos. If you yell “SHARK!” at the beach, everyone’s going to scream and run out of the water. Meanwhile, all you were doing was trying to keep your dog from wrecking someone’s sandcastle.

Sharks aren’t so bad. If a stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attack him too.

Of course, if you’re anything like me, your kids have one name, but your dog has about a dozen or so…

Your dog named Shark may go by Fin, Sharkie, Jaws, Big Guy (That’s what she shed!), and even Wigglebutt.

Words have meaning, and names have power, or at least that’s what they say. My dog doesn’t care that I call him Wigglebutt. Or maybe he does, and that’s why he steals my blanket off the bed every night.


How You Fill Your Home

What you fill your home with is just as important as the elements of the home itself.

Dog: My specialty is roofing.

We all have that one dog that will “roof,” “woof,” or whine at anything and everything. While we don’t understand it, we let them do it because we love them. One round of puppy kisses and we’ll forget all of the dumb things that they have done for the day.

Heck, Jennifer Neal once said “Who knew that dog saliva can mend a broken heart.” It’s so true. Dogs are capable of making us forget, forgive, and find love again.

Every dog has its day—and that’s basically every day if you’re a dog owner.

You should plan on filling your home with at least one dog. Unless you’re allergic, then you might want to find one of those weird hairless cats, but that could end up being social suicide, too.

How you name your dog should be an adventure. I named my dog WiFi because I stole it from my neighbor.

If you start to get too many dogs, it won’t even matter what you name them. Zsa Zsa Gabor said, “I call everyone darling because I can’t remember their names.”

So, after dog #4 or #5, they may all end up being “Dogg-o” or even “dumbass.”

That reminds me of a joke I’ve been waiting to share with you.

Why did the fish swim right into the shark’s mouth? He was a dumb bass.

Dog in water

It’s Not Always About the Name

Don’t focus on the name. Instead, focus on the love. Your dog won’t really care what you name him or her as long as you have plenty of treats in your pocket and you’re always willing to give belly rubs.

Note: This is not the case with children. They will absolutely care what you name them. They’ll take your treats, but they won’t want belly rubs.

Build a life that is filled with love. Start with a soulmate. Then, find a piece of property that you want to build on. You can start to fill that property with a home, dogs, children, and more.

The name of the street, the name of the dog, none of that is important. Just live a life that is worth living.

Dog at beach

Focus on Your Happiness

You don’t owe anyone anything. Similarly, the world doesn’t owe you anything, either. That includes happiness. What that means is that you have to go in pursuit of it yourself.

The good news is that’s easier to do in Sherman Country because of the sprawling acres of land, the countless activities to do throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, and your ability to build the kind of home you’ll be happy with.

If you really want to have a dog named Shark, make it happen. However, we recommend you have him be a land shark. Don’t head to any beaches. People may get a bit nervous if you start calling for your dog on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. Sure, they’ll calm down once they see your furry little wigglebutt splashing in the water but think of how many people you’ll give heart attacks to before that happens. You don’t want that kind of guilt on your conscience.

Build big. It’s why we have the new tagline, “That’s what she shed.” It’s not a typo. We just happen to be punny people.

There’s a lot that you can do with a shed. Turn it into a toy box for your favorite winter vehicles. Use it to store your hunting gear, your fishing poles, and the other toys that you use when you’re in search of happiness.

Happy dog

Just because we call it a she shed doesn’t mean it’s just for her. It can be for her, or it can be for him, or it can be for the whole damn family, including your favorite mutt.

When we build a pole barn, we understand that almost everyone uses it for a different reason. Some people want a barndominium to live in while others want an ag building for their chickens and livestock. We’ve had some people turn them into craft barns, while others have turned them into woodworking shops, storefronts, and even bait shops.

Your pole barn is unique to you and your style of happiness. This is why we take a custom approach to every pole barn we build, and we’ve been mastering our craftsmanship for over 40 years. You can expect greatness from our buildings. Some may even go as far as saying that we have quality erections. Go on, you can say it. Okay, we’ll say it with you. That’s what she shed.

As we said, we’re punny at Sherman Pole Buildings. When you’re ready to start constructing your happiness, let us help with the process. And if you’re building an oversized dog house for your pup named Shark (or Piranha, Bear, or anything else scary), we definitely want to be a part of it.

Dog with frisbee