Batshit Crazy

Have you ever noticed that we talk about shit a lot? And each animal’s dung seems to be attributed to a certain aspect of life.

There’s bullshit, and that’s when things have just become so unacceptable that we don’t want to talk about it anymore.

There’s dogshit, and that’s usually quite literal about what’s hiding in our backyard or behind our pole barn.

But then, there’s batshit. It’s when someone is so crazy that there is no other way to describe them.

Why did the bat’s dung get this attributed to them? Perhaps it’s because bats are also synonymous with vampires. Or perhaps it’s because they come out at night. Regardless, there’s no amount of essential oils that can fix batshit crazy.

Here’s the thing about being batshit crazy, though. For some, it’s a permanent state of mind. For others, it’s temporary and purely circumstantial.


Hey Train Wreck, This Isn’t Your Station

The batshit crazy of the world, BSC, help to make things a bit more interesting. You can’t help but wonder how they got to be that way, though. Think about it. You’ve seen how they blow a situation out of control.

When you meet the girl carrying an ax (sometimes literally) or her eye makeup has been running down her cheek for hours, you can’t help but interact. You just want to go up to her and applaud her for her theatrics.

Well aren’t you just a fun little lollipop, triple dipped in psycho…

Of course, you might not want to say that to her face. After all, batshit crazy is fun to watch, but you never want it directly aimed at you. That’s when you could get hurt. Or worse.

And if you happen to have a family full of them, there’s one thing you must remember: Always love your mother, even if she’s BSC.

It’s best to identify these people in your life right away. File it away that they are BSC. That way, you’ll know that you’ll need to handle them with special gloves.

Batshit Crazy

Underestimate Me. That’ll Be Fun.

We all have those moments where we go batshit crazy, too. And there’s really nothing that we can do about it. People have pushed us too far. We’ve taken someone’s crap one too many times. Someone says the unthinkable.

That’s when we unleash. They underestimate us and what our response is going to be. And we now feel that it is our duty to show them just how badly they underestimated us.

We become the person we always swore that we wouldn’t become.

It’s when you may start experiencing life at about 15 WTFs per hour. You may be thinking it, muttering it under your breath, or screaming it at the top of your lungs. You watch as society fails you at every turn, showing off just how moronic they can all be.

If we are ever in a situation, where I am “the voice of reason,” then we are in a very, very bad situation.

It’s not your fault. Really. It’s when you want to look someone in the eye and say, “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you sir are a cactus.” Go ahead and say that to the next person who stomps on your last nerve. See what their reaction is. They’ll either laugh or they’ll be offended. Either way, it should be a good way for you to laugh. And that laugh is likely to come out in the most psychotic way possible. It might not even be considered a laugh anymore. Perhaps it will be a cackle. Or a shriek. It’ll be truly maniacal, and you’ll be labeled BSC. That’s okay. It’s only temporary (or so you hope).

Batshit Crazy

Spend Your Life Doing Strange Things with Weird People

I love people I can be weird with. It’s important to find people in your life who can match your level of crazy. They’re the ones you want to head to a music festival with, hit the trails with on ATVs, and even invite over for family dinners. They help to keep things exciting.

Being weird is all about knowing when to express just how weird you are. It’s why it’s important to have a place where you can go, away from the public eye.

Why do you think we’re always promoting the ever-popular pole barn? It’s because we don’t want to show our BSC selves to the whole world. We just hide in our expertly crafted pole barns when we’re feeling a little insane. And none of our friends judge us because they’re just as crazy as the dung of the bat. We hang out and do strange things together. It’s what strengthens our bonds within our friendships.

What Do “Strange” Things Look Like?

What do “strange” things look like? Well, that’s not something that will be openly discussed. Why? We don’t want you judging us. However, we’ll provide a bit of an explanation by using some sitcom references.

In Big Bang Theory, they’d dress up as their favorite superheroes and go to Comic-Con.

In Friends, they would shove turkeys on their heads and dance around.

In Last Man Standing, they would walk around Outdoor World together and shoot the occasional wild animal.

In Grey’s Anatomy, they’d sleep around and head to Joe’s for shots when they weren’t working.

Every show, regardless of whether it is liberal or conservatively leaning, has the BSC characters out there that we know and love. And they have friends who love them for their craziness.

The bats may not like having the craziest dung in the animal kingdom, but they have it anyway. And there’s nothing that they can do about it at this point.

We appreciate all of the crazy people out there. They add color to our lives. They give us stories to tell our friends in a “remember when…” sort of way. Whether you’re the crazy one or you are living with someone in your life who is, we have just one thing to say. Shine on, you batshit crazy diamond!

And if you’re looking for a place to shine so that everyone doesn’t see your dramatic outbursts, we’re happy to talk to you about a custom pole barn.

You're Crazy