Let’s Make This The Best Tailgating Season Ever

There are a lot of people responsible for helping a team win. There are the players and the coaches, obviously. But if you really want to see how a team wins, you have to look at the fans. There’s a certain level of dedication required to be a fan, and it all starts in the parking lot.

You guessed it. We’re talking about the ability to tailgate.

Now, let’s make this the best tailgating season ever. My Indian name is “Runs with Beer.” Trust me, I know things…

The Recipe for Proper Tailgating

I like to party, and by party, I mean tailgate. Most people don’t do it right. You can’t show up with a bag of chips and a cooler full of beer and expect to have the time of your life. There are expectations.

I’ll make it simple. There’s a recipe that you can follow to make sure that you’re bringing your A-game. Football is serious. If you’re not tailgating to the fullest, you’re letting your team down.

  • Vibes.
  • Cornhole.
  • Smack-talking.
  • Beer.
  • Meat.

You need all five of these things to be successful.

Now, let’s look at each of these individually.

The vibes are all about the environment you’re creating. Where are you sitting? Who are you surrounding yourself with? You can’t sit in the parking lot of a stadium all by yourself. There’s a mood that has to be set, and that comes from the anticipation that, in a few hours, your team will be kicking off.


Cornhole Isn’t Just a Game

Cornhole isn’t just a game. It’s a lifestyle. And if you’re going to be tailgating in Texas or Minnesota, you better plan on getting good. People will wager money in a game of cornhole. Or, if you don’t want to wager money, you’ll find that people will wager beer, brats, or anything else of value.

Smack-talking is always fun when you see someone from the other team. You might have to share the parking lot with them but that doesn’t mean you can’t rag on them a bit. Make sure you know some of the season’s statistics. Figure out the weak spots of the opposing team. You can use those tidbits to shout across the parking lot. And when someone else hears what you’ve just said, it can build an instant kindred.

Tailgating Cheers

Beer is the official drink of tailgating across the country. Whether it’s a craft beer from Wisconsin or your tried-and-true classics, make sure you have plenty of it to go around. Don’t make the mistake of bringing in glass bottles, either. Most of the tailgating police will confiscate glass bottles, leaving you without any beer. Cans or growlers are the way to go. And if you have a big enough truck or RV, you can make the entire parking lot happy with a keg. As long as the beer is flowing, life is good.

Finally, there’s meat. You can smoke it, fry it, or grill it. You can put it on a bun, eat it with your hands, or use a fork. Don’t feel as though you have to stick with the basics of hotdogs and hamburgers, either. Those are fine but don’t forget that there’s a whole world of meat waiting to be introduced to the tailgating scene. Bring out a pork butt, a package of bratwurst, or even a bag full of wings.

When you combine all five of these things, the football gods look down on you. They see that you have made the necessary sacrifices…and it can help you to get your team the “W.”

Tailgate Food

Cheering Means Winning

Some people say that you cheer when your team wins. That’s not entirely accurate, though. The louder the cheers, the harder the team plays, and that’s when you get more wins.

If you’ve been waiting to cheer until your team scores, you’ve been doing them a huge disservice.

Think about this. It’s called a home-field advantage for a reason and it’s not just because the field is familiar. It’s because there will be more of the team’s fans in the crowd. No matter how dedicated the other team is, there will be fewer fans in the crowd because of having to travel to get there.

Whether you’re going to tailgate and cheer in the stadium parking lot of your home team or the “other” team, you have to cheer. You have to be loud and proud. And the only way to do that is if you have had sufficient beer and meat in the parking lot. It’s not a science, but it’s close enough.

Tailgate Celebrate

Tailgating is Better with a Pole Barn

Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering how tailgating has anything to do with a pole barn. Ahh, young padawan. Allow me to help you make the connection.

Where do you go when you can’t make the game? You go into your man cave, of course. And if you fail to have a man cave, that’s when you need to rely on a pole barn. You can have a cave created in your backyard. It may not allow you to create the perfect tailgating ambiance, but as long as you at least have beer and meat, it will make for a fine substitute.

There’s another connection to be made. If you’re going to truly shine in the parking lot of a stadium, your tailgating game must be strong. You can’t yell “hot off the grill” if you have no grill. You can’t challenge someone to a game of cornhole without the necessary board. Storage of these things in between games is critical. If you’re out of storage in your garage or shed, just let us help you out.

Sherman Pole Buildings can create the best pole barn you’ve ever seen. It’s fully customizable so that there’s room for all of your favorite tailgating supplies in Texas, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. The moment there’s a game, you’ll be able to load up knowing that everything has been kept safe since your last rendezvous.

Remember, it’s better to have burnt and lost than to never have BBQ’d at all.