Animal Pole Buildings

By around 7000 BC, humans had already begun the process of domesticating sheep, goats, pigs and cattle, with chickens soon to follow. But turkeys, not till later. Ever since then, humans have been in the hunt for proper shelter for their newly domesticated friend or food as the case may have been. Along the way herders shared their shelter with the animals. All of this led to much conflict between herders and their wives who were tired of cleaning up after animals. This is how the word animal became a metaphor for men. It was most likely one of these wives who first called her husband a pig. And we aren’t ready to speculate on the circumstances that led to men being called dogs.

It is highly likely that a woman actually created the concept of a dedicated animal shelter because she was tired of the mess being created by both man and beast. She banished them both to the barn which at that time was the place where barley was stored. Clearly this was a most fortuitous occurrence as the man used the barley to make beer, a skill he had learned from his wife. Originally beer was brewed by women. Soon enough the wife realized he was having too much fun and not completing any chores. Women just hate that. So she ordered him back into the house and promptly handed him the “honey do” list.

We like Men, Women, Animals, and Beer

Obviously, it was soon evident that this arrangement contained a major flaw. The animals, now alone in the barn, were eating the barley, which was irritating to both husband and wife as both beer and soup were compromised. And it is thought that while man could live without soup, beer is an entirely different issue. It had medicinal qualities, though this was merely a side effect of the true purpose of beer, which was to get men in the mood to dance. But we won’t go there.

What we will say is that Sherman Pole Buildings has evolved as the true friend of men, women, animals and beer. We have taken the real or imagined facts of history and created a wide range of choices for animals and the people who keep them. Our buildings separate man from animal and animal from barley and through it all we keep everyone warm and comfortable – and we’re ready to provide space for the brewing of beer.