Typically, you’ll read blogs from us that are inspirational. We talk about amazing ideas that have taken off and allowed our dreams to come true. Today is not one of those blogs. Today, we talk about failure.

Oh, come on. We’ve all had out-and-out failures. The only difference is that we don’t typically talk about them. Discussing failures is in poor taste, according to many. So, we simply stew in our failures, wondering if we’re all alone.

We are ready to change all of that. We believe that talking about our failures allows us to be honest. Plus, it may allow you to face some of your failures more openly, too. We all make them, so we might as well openly admit them to one another.

When it comes to bad ideas, we have had many of them. Take the cold air balloon, for example. After all, the hot air balloons look so dangerous. There’s literally fire in the middle of a wicker basket that people stand in. That can’t possibly be safe. Cold air seemed like a safer option. It might be safer, but it never took off. Literally.

So, we stare up at the sky and wonder what we can come up with next.

Goodnight table. Goodnight moon. Goodnight Chinese spy balloon.




Up, Up and Away

We could talk about all of the places we want to go. Though, by doing so, we’d end up sounding a lot like Dr. Seuss. That’s not the kind of vibe I want for this blog. Instead, I’ll make a few corny jokes and own up to my failure as an inventor. We’re going for honesty, right?

The idea of “up, up, and away” is always fascinating, though, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s what’s so exciting about hot air balloons. If only they weren’t so hot.

Going “up, up, and away” is what superheroes should say right before they fly off to save the day.

I quit my job in the helium balloon factory. I refused to be spoken to in that tone of voice.

There are countless songs and books that use the phrase. It’s always “away.” As if we are desperately trying to escape our ordinary life. Most of us are. And it’s probably because of the failures that we’re not supposed to discuss with anyone.

The only way that I’m going “up” anytime soon is on my ladder. As far as “away,” well, I’d rather go by boat or by ATV as a way to escape reality for a little while. Heights aren’t really my thing.


Cold Air…Cold Everything Else, Too

There’s another reason why the cold air balloon was so appealing. Colder temperatures are highly desirable, which is why I call Sherman Country home.

Did you see how hot it has been in Texas this summer? It’s just too dang hot. They’re on day 20-something with three-digit temperatures. Who wants to spend the day exploring when it’s 108 outside? Forget about escaping reality at that point. I’d be looking for a way to escape to an air-conditioned room somewhere.

The colder weather is where it’s at. And when the cold weather hasn’t arrived, there are plenty of ways to get cold. Did you hear Dunkin’ Donuts is serving coffee on a stick? Okay, maybe not yet. But that’s definitely an idea that they need to hear.

There are likely plenty of failures that we haven’t heard about involving cold air…and everything else that is cold.

Although cold air won’t make a balloon fly high, it is a great way to enjoy Sherman Country. However, there will be times when you want to escape the cold. You’ll want a warm place to relax, fix a cup of coffee, and enjoy yourself.

Various barndominiums can be built so that you have a place to go regardless of what the temperature is outside.

Quality erections can be created in cold weather. Don’t pay any attention to the rumors that would tell you otherwise. And if there are failures in that department, we definitely don’t want to hear about them.

At Sherman Country, we embrace the cold. And with a pole barn on your property, you’ll find out how to stay warm and have a place that you can use for all sorts of purposes.


Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart

I was going to tell you a joke about balloons, but it got away from me.

My apologies, sometimes my sense of humor escapes me. Perhaps I’m still hung up on all of the failures.

That’s no way to end a blog post, though, is it? We can’t just talk about our failures in life and move on. How depressing would that be?

Since our cold air balloons were a bust, let’s gain inspiration from the hot air balloons. It’s one of the few modes of travel that allow you to wander. Where you go in a hot air balloon is anyone’s guess because there aren’t steering wheels or anything. While you can control the heat you give the balloon to go up or down, you’re completely dependent on the direction in which the wind is blowing.

Where you end up is anyone’s guess. It’s part of the appeal.

“When I am holding a water balloon, so many things look so unnecessarily dry.” — Demetri Martin

JRR Tolkien once said, “Not all who wander are lost.”

I enjoy wandering. It’s how some of my most exciting adventures have happened, both in Sherman Country and out. I’m never lost because I know how to get back to my pole barn. It might just take a while to get there.

Wandering without a purpose can be one of the best ways to relieve stress. It’s a way to clear your mind. Who knows, you may end up finding something new and exciting along the way, too.

As long as you go somewhere with your heart open to new ideas and experiences, it’s a win.

Once you’ve had your fun, you have to go back to where your heart is. Home. That’s where we come in. At Sherman Pole Buildings, we focus on quality erections. Barndominiums are one of the best options for homes these days. They’re affordable, fully customizable, and quick to build on any plot of land you want to call home.

With a barndominium in place, you can wander. You may even want to go up in a balloon. Just be sure the air is hot. We’ve seen what happens with cold air balloons.

Hot Air Balloon