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Over Forty Years of Expert Craftsmanship

Will Glass Coffins Be A Success? Remains To Be Seen

Losing someone can be gut-wrenching. While you may want to keep them close, you simply cannot do that. However, you take heart in hoping for one thing. The goal is always that you’ll see them again someday. Glass coffins aren’t

My Recliner and I Go Way Back

Have you ever leaned back in your recliner, closed your eyes, and let memories flood your mind? It can be a great way to relive the good ol’ days. And it seems like the further back you lean, the further

Meanwhile in a parallel universe: “Where are all these extra single socks coming from?!”

If you think you’re the only one losing socks, you’re not. However, if you’re finding socks you’ve never owned before, you may have opened a portal to another dimension. The reality is that a study commissioned by Samsung for their

Autocorrect Is My Worst Enema

Autocorrect has gotten me into trouble more times than I’d like to admit. I’ve sent inappropriate texts to my boss, hurt my mom’s feelings, and had my kids question my extracurricular activities. I’d also like to address Siri directly for

I Like To Play Dodgeball With Random People Who Don’t Know They’re Playing

Sometimes, it’s important to grab life by the ball and hurl it at the person in front of you. Seriously, it’s as if this generation has never been hit by a red rubber ball at close range, and it shows.

Parallel Lines Have So Much In Common, It’s A Shame They’ll Never Meet

It’s funny how we go through life and randomly meet people. Some people are friends, some people are lovers, and some people are foes. Often, we know who they will be before we even get a chance to interact with

Building Intelligence

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