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They All Laughed When I Said I Wanted To Be A Comedian; Well, They’re Not Laughing Now

Have you noticed how some people are naturally funny? They open their mouths and funny comes out. Adam Sandler once said, “I don’t believe in beating my kids. So, I make them wear a Justin Bieber shirt and Crocs to

Haikus Are Easy. But Sometimes They Don’t Make Sense. Refrigerator.

Have you ever noticed that today’s generation is harder to understand? They spend so much time on their phones texting that they have invented a new language. There are abbreviations, new words, new pronunciations, and even the occasional emoji thrown

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Does Anyone Ever Spiral Into Control?

Spiraling out of control can get you into trouble. If you allow yourself, you’ll spiral so far out of control that you won’t recognize your life anymore. You give up the fight, and that’s usually when you become a villain.

Taking A Dog Named Shark To The Beach Is A Bad Idea

Creating a home is more than just buying a house. It’s about creating an entire life. You should spend time deciding where you want to live in Sherman Country as well as who and what will make you happy. There’s

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