If You Think Eggplant Is Good, You Should Try Any Other Food; It’s Much Better

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ERMAHGERD ERGPLERNT! That’s right, we’re tackling one of the best topics we could possibly cover. Eggplant! Wait, so you’re not really excited about eggplant? Just give us a few minutes so we can convince you otherwise. What kind of chicken does an eggplant come from? Get it? Because chickens come from eggs? Okay, so maybe

Hey Good Lookin’ What You Got Cookin’?

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What You Got Cookin'? There’s nothing more alluring than the smoke of brisket in a BBQ pit, the scent of chocolate cake from the oven, or chicken straight out of the fryer. What you got cookin'? Food is the unspoken love language. Just ask any chef. They’ll tell you that their secret ingredient is love.

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