Post frame construction refers to building pole barns, pole sheds, steel buildings, metal buildings, and any type of pole building, including pole barns homes.

The Schlumpy Old Men

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Building a Distribution Center For three consecutive days Bill had stopped at the same coffee shop to pick up a latte. And each day there was the same group of slightly older guys having coffee together. They would wave cheerfully at Bill wishing him a good day. Then on the fourth day, Bill walked into

The Urologist’s New Hobby

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Industrial Artist Dr. Olson’s jokes always generated loud laughter from those around him. They were funny and he had a knack for timing. But they were the type of jokes that most people preferred to listen to rather than to tell. That’s because Dr. Olson’s jokes were mostly about the anatomical aspect of his work.

The Way to Build a Boat

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Building for Boat Building It was on a trip to England that Grayson became interested in something called “punting.” Back home in Minnesota, his friends had a great time laughing at the idea of a punt being something that doesn’t relate to football.  In England he had learned that a punt was a boat.  Specifically,

Great Uses for Pole Buildings

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Because Four Seasons Pole buildings can be constructed in a variety of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are becoming more and more popular, since they are so versatile and economical. There are many uses for a pole building and there are a variety of different benefits to owning one. The following is just

Careless Whispers of a Rock and Roll City

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Garage Bands Need Garages Jeannie had been planning for the 20 year high school reunion for months. She was determined to lose 20 pounds, get hair extensions, find the hottest dress and she wasn’t beyond giving Botox a try – though it was a little bit scary. But at 40, a girl could use a

The Esther Williams Surprise

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Barndominiums, Shouses, and other Pole Barn Houses On a tour of a certain well known faucet and fixtures company, Max and Kara oohed and aahed about the latest and greatest in bathroom styles. There were the new freestanding tubs with a definitely modern design. The company had taken geometrical shaping to an entirely different level.

A Rocking Pool Party Place

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Post Frame Pool House It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But it’s probably a wise idea not to tell this to the people you’re planning to flatter in this way. This is where Mollie and Jim disagreed after attending a pool party at one of the other hockey parents’ homes.

A Place to Party On

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Pole Buildings Work Out Everybody knows that it takes a village to accomplish just about anything. This was Lea’s thought one evening at her Book Club meeting. The Book Club had become Lea’s village, which is why she wanted to bring her latest discovery to the book club members. While visiting relatives, Lea had happened

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