A Word from your Cold Weather Friends

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Hey there. Remember us? We’re your cold weather friends. Snowblowers, snowmobiles, snow shoes and the like. In other words, we’re your winter survival kit. We stuck with you through ice and snowstorm, sleet and biting cold, and that long, long winter. We were always up for the task on the coldest of days and the

A Man Cave for Every Kind of Man

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At the dawn of human history the man cave was actually a cave where cave men could take a break from the drudgery of hunting, fishing, scaling and skinning to fill the family’s stomach. Rumor has it that the man cave is where fire was actually invented when one cave man’s wife banished him to

Metal has Many Faces

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Copper roofs have been around since the Duomo in Italy.  And you can tell a copper roof by its colors. Metal roofing can be as varied as coffee flavors – almost. Copper, zinc and titanium are used in some specialized cases while aluminum and steel are more commonly used. In agricultural and commercial settings, corrugated

Keeping Fish and Women Happy

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Austin’s giant koi pond was one of the more popular spots on the water garden tour. Cars and people stacked up to the point where passersby with no knowledge or interest in water gardens were stopping by to check out the commotion. Soon enough all were oohing and aahing about the amazing ponds with spectacular

The Urologist’s New Hobby

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Dr. Olson’s jokes always generated loud laughter from those around him. They were funny and he had a knack for timing. But they were the type of jokes that most people preferred to listen to rather than to tell. That’s because Dr. Olson’s jokes were mostly about the anatomical aspect of his work. He was

Great Uses for Pole Buildings

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Pole buildings can be constructed in a variety of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are becoming more and more popular, since they are so versatile and economical. There are many uses for a pole building and there are a variety of different benefits to owning one.  The following is just a few different